If you are a passionate (or even lukewarm) lover of geography, you are especially welcome.

Geospond is a narrowly defined blog.  I characterize it a demographic blog – as opposed to a social blog.  I am Atlas (nickname) , administrator of Geospond.com – allow me to explain what this site is about.

The content of Geospond grows through a process of contributor discovery, qualification / registration and “guided” comment.  Contributors to the blog arrive from all “four corners” of the globe.  They come from all walks of life representing a diversity of age group, economic status and ethnic and cultural experience.  They are the Geospond Correspondents.  Their contributions reveal first-hand description of the place they live in and life as they observe it.  To read their PostCards click on a link in one of the LocusName Rolls in the right sidebar of this page; or…

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