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  • In the meantime, I want all FBI offices to watch for her and Colonel Thorn. The FBI, ludicrously enough, claimed that the tanks were there to knock holes in the walls in order to allow people to escape an absolutely ridiculous assertion they could have simply used the windows and doors.
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    If you are a passionate (or even lukewarm) lover of geography, you are especially welcome.

    Geospond is a narrowly defined blog.  I characterize it a demographic blog – as opposed to a social blog.  I am Atlas (nickname) , administrator of Geospond.com – allow me to explain what this site is about.

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    The content of Geospond grows through a process of contributor discovery, qualification / registration and “guided” comment.  Contributors to the blog arrive from all “four corners” of the globe.  They come from all walks of life representing a diversity of age group, economic status and ethnic and cultural experience.  They are the Geospond Correspondents.  Their contributions reveal first-hand description of the place they live in and life as they observe it.  To read their PostCards click on a link in one of the LocusName Rolls in the right sidebar of this page; or…

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    He switched off the Alpine horn button, changed his mind and switched it on again: that horn was worth a pair of machine-guns any day. The morning sun had already warmed the sand, and it felt hot to her naked feet as she walked toward the water.

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